Apple’s Appocalypse is a world without Apps

Earlier today, Apple opened it’s WWDC Keynote with a rather ingenious video that imagined a world without Apps. The events of the video are set into motion when a newly assigned Apple employee unknowingly unplugs the wires that power the Apple servers. The result is that all apps start disappearing from users’ smartphone which leads to some humorous and disastrous results.

Real Life App Store

Apple’s Appocalypse Video shows a real-life App Store

For instance, among the many casualties, Selfies are offered by the roadside and people start screaming in hashtags. A group of members attempts to break into a house stating they secured it through AirBnB.

Another group of passengers is en route their destination when the Maps app disappears leading to them becoming clueless about their whereabouts. The resulting confusion also results in car crashes and an explosion. A farmer offers a run at Farmville 2 in his backyard and men show off their hot bodies in a Tinder store.

The point being driven across by Apple is that we’ve becoming so dependent on Apps that its hard to imagine a world without them. And should apps cease to exist, it would lead to what Apple calls, The Appocalypse (which coincidentally, also happens to be the name of this site so, thanks Apple for giving us some free mileage).

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