Facebook is Testing Stories on its Desktop site

The controversial implementation of Stories, a format popularized by and considered to also have been invented by Snapchat has earned Facebook its fair share of criticism. But the social media behemoth isn’t backing down and is determined to put Stories in as many of its products as possible. And if recent word is to be considered, yet another platform of Facebook is about to get the Stories update.

Some users in the US have begun seeing Facebook stories on the Desktop Facebook site. As against the app or mobile site version however, Stories on Desktop occupies the top right portion of the News Feed. The move seems to have been made by Facebook in an attempt to leave no left out mechanism in its efforts to bolster the use of Stories. So far, Stories have seen great success in Instagram and WhatsApp with the former boasting of 250 million monthly users, more than Snapchat’s entire user count of 166 million.

Facebook Stories on Desktop as captured by Techcrunch

Facebook Stories on Desktop as captured by Techcrunch

Adoption of Stories on Facebook’s site and on Messenger however have been nothing short of ghost towns. The features are mostly deserted and are barely used by anyone (I personally see Story updates about once a week). This is also why it takes a while for people to spot any changes Facebook is making in its regard. Facebook’s frantic push towards Stories is most likely a long term plan, the next step of which is advertising in between Story feeds, seeing as its News Feed is already saturated with advertisements. Of course Facebook is trying ads on many other locations to see which one turns out to be the most lucrative option; Stories certainly has a good shot at being one.

Facebook had recently released its Quarterly Earnings as well declaring an astounding revenue of $9.3 billion and a net income of $1.32 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had previously said earnings are expected to slow down meaningfully as Facebook has maximized revenue from the News Feed and explore other possible sources for the same.