Facebook TV Shows are Coming Sooner than you expect

Facebook has had plans for launching its own TV Shows and other content for quite some time now. And with a social media spanning 2 billion monthly active users, that plan certainly makes sense. Sources are now reporting that this plan might come to fruition much sooner than anticipated.

Sources are reporting that Facebook plans to launch two kinds of shows – shorter 1-2 min videos not unlike the kind popular on its rival Snapchat and longer TV Shows that rival cable TV production standards. The former of these could be out as early as next month i.e. Autgust itself. While the shows were expected to be out earlier, the complicated nature of figuring out this content meant it took slightly longer than initially expected. The internal management however has been pushing to get these out at the earliest which is why further delays are less likely (although still possible). The longer TV Shows will come a little later, possibly in 2018. With these shows, Facebook is planning on positioning itself as something between YouTube and Netflix.

Facebook has been looking at alternative sources of revenue while also being constantly on the look out to add features to its social network. It recently revamped its platform to give the camera a push at its F8 conference and has been also pushing Communities aggressively. Facebook also has some big plans for e-sports and gaming videos more social. It would also be looking at paying attention to its biggest market, seeing as the numbers shifted over there a bit recently.