Google launches Google for Jobs, a new Job Search Feature

As part of its I/O keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new job search feature that Google plans on rolling out over the next few months. This feature, titled Google for Jobs will allow applicants to look for jobs and see job openings right from Google Search itself.

Emphasizing the lack of job applicant fulfillment, Sundar Pichai said that over 46% of recruiters in the US are unable to find the right kind of candidate. To that effect, Google will now show job openings from various sources in its most widely used application itself – search. Google is partnering with various job sourcing portals such as Monsters, Facebook, Indeed and others to get these openings.

As is with everything Google has announced of-late, Machine Learning will also play a role in this job search. In this case it will allow Google to automatically cluster jobs related to neighboring or related search terms. Illustrating this with an example, if a prospective employee searches jobs for retail, he’ll also see jobs with terms like store clerk or store manager in the search results. Google will also allowed the jobs to be filtered by several criteria such as category, industry, date posted and many others.

Sample Google Job Search

Google For Jobs will use Machine Learning to cluster Job queries.

Finally, the Google CEO also mentioned an Apply button that would provide applicants with a blue button against every job listing and allow them to apply for the job from Google itself although it wasn’t demoed on stage. While Google is working with job-search providers on this feature, it definitely serves the potential to drive traffic away from job-search sites if the entire search and application process can be completed through Google itself, kind of like how Google’s Knowledge Graph drove some traffic away from such sites as Wikipedia and IMDb when it started showing basic movie related information on its search page itself. And while this feature is initially slated to be exclusive to the US, a global roll-out is imminent which means other markets could well be greeted to a whole new Job Search feature that is a lot more comfortable than the other pre-existing websites.

Details on how the application process would work and how and where the application history would be visible are scarce at this moment. Expect more updates on this in the next few weeks.