Microsoft launches new Surface Pro at its 2017 Shanghai Event

Microsoft took everyone by surprise when it unveiled the new Surface Pro earlier today at its 2017 Shanghai press event. Although it may seem like the company did an about-face when it initially denied that the Shanghai event would be about the Surface Pro 5, it was right in essence; Microsoft has dropped the 5 preferring to call this iteration simply the Surface Pro.

Several improvements have been made and Microsoft claims to have re-thought every design element carefully. With an improved Core i7 Processor and a quieter mode of operation, Microsoft has beefed up specs while keeping the device as silent as possible. It also comprises of a next-generation 165 degree rotatable hinge and features support for the Surface Dial, once again emphasizing Microsoft’s support for the creative community.
Microsoft also announced a new accompanying Surface Pen that supports upto 4096 levels of varying pressure points. It also features Tilt support, capable of recognizing the angle of tilting. The keyboard is also redesigned in soft Alcantra material giving it a soft, velvety feel. Finally, the device is touted as dishing out an impressive 13.5 hours of battery life.

The Surface Pro is now available for Pre-Order from Microsoft’s official site for $799 although this price does not include the Surface Pen. You’ll have to purchase that separately for $99. Ouch.