Reddit Is Down? Appears To Be Facing Outages

Is Reddit down? That’s the question people are asking as the social media site appears to be suffering an outage. When trying to reach Reddit, a CDN error message is thrown up with the caption “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers”. I tried reaching reddit myself and was greeted with the same error.

Reddit Down CDN Error

Upon checking, it appears there is a spike in the error rate in accessing pages around Jan 27, which is today. As of now, there’s no info on the exact reasons as to why the site has gone down. We’re following the story and will update if any additional info becomes available.

Reddit Error Rate

This is not the first time the site has gone down. It was previously down earlier this month on Jan 10, for an outage that didn’t last long though. Moreover, users had figured out workarounds to access the site in that instance so we’re sure there will be similar ways to get around the outage this time around, before the site is up for good.

Update: Reddit is back up again and appears to be functioning normally so far.

Update 2: Reddit went down again. It appears the outage is intermittent, with minutes of uptime followed by some downtime. In my most recent access, I received the Service Unavailable and “500” error messages when attempting to access the site.

Reddit Service Unavailable

There’s still no official statement or tweet from Reddit acknowleding the problem. Strangely enough, all their services are currently shown as operational, including their CDN service which is clearly throwing an error as in the homepage.

Reddit Service Status

Also, their uptime status hasn’t updated to reflect a downtime on Jan 27, with the boxes being shown as green. Let’s hope Reddit engineers are working behind the scenes to fix the issue as the internet seems to have come to a standstill for a majority of people who are tweeting about the issue.

Reddit Uptime

Update 3: Reddit has acknowledged the problem regarding the elevated error rates on their status page and are investigating the issue. The update was posted on Jan 27 at 11:17 AM PST or 2:17 PM EST

Reddit Investigating Downtime Error

Final Update: Reddit was eventually able to resolve the problem by implementing some fixes at their end at around 1:18 PM PST or 4:18 PM EST. They monitored the fixes for about 30 minutes before declaring the problems as resolved. Hopefully a detailed analysis will be published by Reddit in the next day or two as to what went wrong to cause the outage to begin with.