Samsung Planning On Building In-House GPU

Over the last week or so, job listings have surfaced on LinkedIn hinting at Samsung’s plans for its smartphones going ahead. All jobs have something to do with GPUs which has led the internet to speculate that Samsung is planning to build its own Exynos GPUs (or whatever they will be called). The new employees will work at Samsung’s Austin Research & Development Center (SARC) on what the posting describes as “new Samsung GPU architecture targeting OpenCL and possibly other standards”.

Ironically, the move is reminiscent of Samsung’s attempts at emulating its rival Apple’s strategy. Apple is notorious for wanting complete control over its devices and has moved most of the production of its components in-house, including the CPU and the GPU. Samsung is not far ahead and has a robust manufacturing line-up to churn out Exynos chipsets for its flagship Galaxy series of smartphones. It also scores in being able to manufacture its own AMOLED screens, something which even Apple isn’t able to do yet. The Cupertino giant had in fact imported AMOLED screens from Samsung itself for its iPhone X, and is planning to do the same with its upcoming OLED iPhones. Transitioning to an in-house GPU then would be the next logical step, giving Samsung increased control over its own Galaxy and Note line-up.

The news was spotted by German website and comes via several reliable sources cited below. There are currently over 60 openings on LinkedIn so if you find yourself to be a suitable fit, don’t hesitate to apply. Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung’s GPU architecture develops over the next few months and if, Samsung applies it to other large-scale solutions like machine learning and self-driven cars.