Xiaomi’s Lightweight Mint Browser Is Now Available On The Play Store

After venturing into Smartphones, TVs, Routers and a multitude of other products, Xiaomi has entered the software space and launched a brand new browser. Titled Mint, Xiaomi’s new web-browser is described as a lightweight browser with miminal features designed keeping the entry-level smartphones in mind. These are especially a hit in the developing market, which is where Xiaomi’s efforts have also largely been focused and paid rich dividends.

Despite having a limited feature set, the browser appears to include all the essentials. Incognito Mode is available, as is a Dark Mode although there are some issues with its operation; per GSMArena, it flips a web-page’s colors only once the complete page has been loaded. Besides, the browser itself comes with an install size of 11 MB, consumes minimum RAM, and should run on Android version KitKat (4.4) and above; quite impressive given how far ahead we’ve come.

Surprisingly, the browser doesn’t come bundled with any ads whatsoever, although it doesn’t include an ad-blocker either. Chinese smartphone companies have come under the radar for their suspicious handling of user data and are often accused of collecting and selling enormous amounts of data to third-parties. These trust issues have led the US to warn its government to avoid using devices and equipment from Chinese maker Huawer, in fear of them spying on the government’s activities. The big question Xiaomi’s Mint Browser will need to answer is whether or not it will collect a user’s browsing data behind the scenes and mine it to then generate ads, or sell the information to third-party advertising firms.

Surely, the modding community should be on it to uncover any such lapses in code. For now, you can go ahead and try the browser yourself as it’s available on Google’s Play Store for Android users. For some reason, it’s not showing up on my Play Store search results so you might consider using the direct link in the source below.