Avengers: Endgame End-Credits Had A Small Iron Man Tease

Avengers: Endgame may not have had a mid-credits or post-credits scene setting up any future installments but it did have a small little tease at the end of the credits roll planted as a small easter-egg. Thus far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have mostly had scenes that either set up future movies or play around with some fun character interactions within its universe. With Endgame wrapping up the Infinity Saga of stories that has been running since the past 10 years however, nothing was set up for the future and consequently, there was no end-credits scene.

There was however, a little something that can be heard once the credits are done rolling. It’s aking to a banging sound of someone smashing into iron. Upon closer introspection, it appears to be the exact same banging sound that was heard in the first Iron Man when Tony Stark was working on his Mark I Iron Man suit in the cave. It has a mythic significance which I will explain following the jump but beware, it contains spoilers. Those of you who haven’t seen Endgame yet can, at the very most, watch the below clip and then return back. Those who’ve seen it, read on.


Considering Iron Man’s painfully emotional sacrifice at the end of Endgame, it becomes all but natural for the movie to sort of close out in some way by giving a fitting tribute to him. Endgame first gives a touching tribute to all the six original Avengers who have been a part of the MCU for this entire decade. It appears the filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo do that by featuring the first sounds of Tony Stark working on the armor that would eventually kickstart the MCU. By doing so, Endgame closes out with the very sounds that commenced the cinematic universe of superheroes, enhancing the movie’s mythic qualities.

Avengers: Endgame is currently out in theaters now. I’m still at work on my review which should be out soon; it’s a daunting task to do a review that does the movie some justice. Stay tuned for it and more related news, right here on Appocalypse and be sure to read our complete, spoiler-free review of Avengers: Endgame.