Avengers: Endgame First Reactions Describe Movie As An Emotional, Epic, Incredibly Satisfying Payoff

The moment Marvel fans and countless audiences have been waiting for has arrived. Avengers: Endgame had its premiere in Los Angeles yesterday and the first reactions from that screening are here. And to no one’s surprise, the reactions are overwhelmingly positive, describing the movie as an emotional, epic and incredibly satisfying payoff that rewards viewers of all 22 MCU movies with a fitting conclusion to this long-running saga. It’s brilliant in every way imaginable and is brainier and better than all Marvel movies released upto this point.

We’ve collected some of the first reactions here for you to check out. Do note that these are still reactions; the first reviews will start pouring in once the embargo lifts off. Be safe and assured that none of these contain spoilers; we’ve combed through the reactions to avoid the spoilery ones. Let’s start with my personal favorite one:

Peter Sciretta – SlashFilm

Imagine the best possible version of Avengers: Endgame, and somehow the film still surpasses all expectations.

Several reviewers talk about the payoff that Endgame provides to followers of the 22 MCU movies that preceded it.

Angie Han – Mashable

Avengers: Endgame is an immensely satisfying payoff, not just to Infinity War but to all the films that came before.

Anthony Breznican – Entertainment Weekly

Epic is the word. Epic multiplied by a decade of emotion, excitement and investment. This is the payoff.

Perri Nemiroff – Collider

Avengers: Endgame is A LOT. Too much at times. But wow the payoff is huge.

Amidst the epicness, reviewers also pointed out just how emotional the movie was.

Beatrice Vergoeven – The Wrap

I cried a lot, I flung my hands in the air and screamed out loud. It’s incredible.

David Itzkoff – New York Times

I was not prepared for the range of emotions that Endgame put me through, from utter despair to pure elation. I laughed, I cried, I wished Tony Stark was my dad.

Don Kaye – Den of Geek

A moving conclusion to the past decade…the resolution of an incredible saga.

There were a few (very few) criticisms of the movie as well, chiefly pertaining to its 3 hour runtime.

Germain Lussier – io9.com

It’s very long and has a few hiccups but is everything you’re hoping for and more.

John Campea – The Movie Geek

A mediocre first 2 hours that’s equal parts cool moments and problematic moments that ends with a final hour that’s an absolute magnificent geek wet dream.

Lastly, without question, the unanimous opinion is that Endgame is better than Infinity War, which was quite a tall order to surpass.

Erik Davis – Fandango

If Infinity War is the brawn, Endgame is the brains.

Kyle Buchanan – New York Times

Endgame > Infinity War

There are a lot more reactions you can check out online, but I’d be wary of those since you never know what spoiler you might accidentally end up uncovering. I’ve been keeping away from the internet for the last week or so for this very reason (which should help explain my reduced coverage).

Now a skeptic may argue that premiere reactions generally tend to be positive and it’s the real reviews on Rotten Tomatoes where the true reception comes to the limelight. Even so, it doesn’t look like Endgame is going to be greeted by too many negative reactions. Do expect some criticism for the movie’s length though; personally, it’s one of the best things that could’ve come out of Endgame‘s production process.

Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters three days from now, on April 26, 2019. Get your tickets fast.