Avengers: Infinity War First Reactions: You Are Not Ready For This

Avengers: Infinity War held its Red Carpet premiere yesterday, April 24, at the El Capitan Theater. As a result, many well-known reviewers, critics and those who managed to secure a pass to the event were able to catch the movie. First reactions from some of these people are out and while they’re all overwhelmingly positive, it appears a lot goes down in the movie that fans are really not prepared to see.

To ensure the reactions don’t end up spoiling vital parts of the movie, I’ve been pouring through them online cautiously (don’t want the movie spoiled for myself either). Some of these reactions have been reproduced below; they give a general sense and idea about the movie without revealing any information within. Grab your chips and scroll below:

Now that’s a phenomenal reaction. Looks like some major sh*t goes down in the movie judging by this. On to some more reactions.


Gasps is both exciting and scary. It’s great to see the audience so involved; after all, they’ve invested 10 years of their life into this.

Raised stakes? Audible gasps? Unpreparedness? After reading these reactions, I simply cannot wait to lay my eyes on the movie. Are you hyped enough already? Sound off in the comments below.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives April 27.