Avengers: Infinity War earns 100 crores ($15 million) in India on opening weekend

Avengers: Infinity War is giving a lot of local films and film industries a run for their money. One of the prime examples is India, where Infinity War is doing much greater business than expected despite a less-than-wider release. In just 2000 screens, Infinity War has earned over ₹100 crore ($15 million) in India over the opening weekend.

Again, since numbers tend to fluctuate across the Indian box-office, the actual earnings may be a little above or below this number. The movie already opened strongly in the country, raking in ₹30-₹40 crores ($4.5 – $5 million) on its first day. Reputed source Bollywood Hungama reports that Infinity War has amassed around ₹30 crores ($4.5 million) on both Saturday and Sunday. The movie seems to show no signs of stopping or slowing down as it recently registered ₹20 crores ($3 million) on a Monday, which is astounding by all accounts. That opening puts it higher than any other Indian release in 2018 despite the lesser number of screens it has released in; some of the major mainstream movies have opened on as many as 3500+ screens with lower occupancy.

Infinity War seems to be selling well over weekdays as well. With an additional holiday in some territories on May 1 due to labor day, Tuesday numbers could be similarly stronger. The movie is already among the Top 10 highest openings for movies in India. How much do you think it will end up making in India overall? Does it have a shot at joining the elite club of movies with ₹350+ crore ($50 million) grosses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Avengers: Infinity War is playing in theaters all over the world.