Avengers: Infinity War Superbowl Spot reveals plenty of new info

Superbowl is upon us and for us movie geeks, that means plenty of new trailers and big game spots. This time, it seems like all the big shots aren’t shying away from spending huge amounts of money to market their upcoming flicks. After Mission: Impossible – Fallout got its own spot, we now have another one from the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe itself for Avengers: Infinity War. The 30 second spot (embedded below) is high on both thrills and revelations and yet doesn’t give anything about the plot away.

The spot opens with Tony Stark as Iron Man, Peter Parker as Spider-Man and Stephen Strange as Doctor Strange standing beside each other, unmasked, looking up towards something. At this moment, my best guess is that this is a precursor to the battle with Thanos on the alien planet or surface that was shown extensively in the D23 footage. We also see Wanda’s look of surprise upon finding some form of the Mind Stone still embedded in a humanoid Vision’s forehead which suggests that Vision still has the stone within him when he transforms into a human.

The more important revelations though come from the leads Iron Man and Captain America. Both seem to have gotten new upgrades as far as their armors go. It seems all but confirmed now that Iron Man is sporting his Bleeding Edge armor that will seamlessly blend in with his body with the ability to summon it at will now at Stark’s fingertips. Think the Extremis tech in Iron Man 3 taken further by several notches. Cap himself having eschewed his shield now has a new piece of metallic weaponry on his hand, probably outfitted by T’Challa. The trailer ends with a shot of Thanos looking freaky and real. Finally, it’s entirely possible that this spot is a shorter version of an already full-length trailer being prepared for a March release after the dust has settled on Black Panther.

Have a look at the trailer through the link embedded above and let us know your thoughts on the same. Are you excited about Avengers: Infinity War after seeing this? Sound off in the comments below.