Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie Was As Surprised As Everyone Else

Marvel Studios took its fanbase by surprise yet again when they announced that a Captain America 4 is in the works. Among those who didn’t see that coming were the new Captain America himself. Anthony Mackie was at a grocery store when he found out from the checkout guy that a new Captain America installment is in the works.

I literally found out yesterday in a grocery store,” Mackie says. “The checkout guy named Dwayne, a cool cat, he’s like, ‘Yo, man. Is this real?!” [holds up a cellphone] “I’m like, ‘I haven’t heard anything.’ That’s what I love about working for Marvel. They call you, they’re like, ‘Come to L.A. We wanna tell you what’s going on.’ So, I’m excited to see what happens, but I haven’t heard anything.

It’s inevitable that Mackie will be the lead and suit up as Captain America yet again. The actor joked about it however in a fun way.

What would be really bad is if the movie [Captain America 4] starts and I get blown out of the sky.

He also revealed in the chat with Entertainment Weekly how he enjoyed working with Sebastain Stan and Kari Skogland. For Mackie, most of the crew that he worked with on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier comprised of familiar people that he had shared screen space with for the past 8 years. He also denied knowing anything about the fate of a potential Season 2 but with news of the fourth Cap installment, Marvel might want to save some of the storylines for their cinematic outing.

Captain America 4 doesn’t have a release date or a title but fans are pining for it to be called Captain America: Serpent Society after the title was used as a faux name at the Marvel Phase 3 announcement.