Captain Marvel Will Feature Supreme Commander AI, Annette Benning’s Role Unconfirmed

One of the things Marvel Studios is known for, is adapting even the strangest parts of its comics in a believable, confident manner. Captain Marvel will continue the tradition and introduce a now confirmed appearance by the Supreme Commander. An Artificial Intelligence, it controls the Kree command and, in the words of Jude Law, has a special relationship with each of the Kree warriors.

He has a very particular relationship – and any of you who know a lot about the Krees, there’s a sort of a divine element called the Supreme Intelligence, and that comes to play in this. And each of the Starforce, indeed each of the Kree warriors, has a particular relationship with the Supreme Intelligence.

That doesn’t exclude Jude Law himself. The almost Palpatine like figure, but with a large head and tentacles sprouting from its skull shares a relationship with Law’s character that goes some way towards revealing his character’s motivations.

My character has a very particular relationship with Supreme Intelligence which becomes revealed and is quite complex and ultimately very revealing of what it is that motivates. I’ve kind of based him almost on a sort of, not religious fanatic, but he’s got a kind of divine sense of purpose because of his relationship with this greater being.

Jude Law’s role itself remains a mystery to this date (or maybe not) and was even shied away in the set photos. There’s however another person whose role isn’t revealed yet, and that is Annette Benning. Putting two and two together, fans are surmising that Benning plays the Supreme Commander in reality, and her appearance in the trailers is merely her human form. The secrecy around her role along with this reveal cannot be a mere coincidence. Schwartz preferred not to answer any questions about her character.

No. Can I pass on that one? I’m gonna pass.

Producer Jason Schwartz on being asked about Annette Benning’s character

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Captain Marvel is out in theaters on March 8, 2019. Get your tickets now.