Captain Marvel First Reactions Overwhelmingly Positive; Brie Larson, Goose, 90s Setting Receive Praise

The first reactions to Captain Marvel are in and they are overwhelmingly positive. The movie was screened in LA for the press earlier this week with the embargo being lifted hours ago today. The response thus far has been great with a majority of the reactions with praise being showered on Brie Larson’s performance, the 90s setting and its use, the fun connections and easter-eggs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Goose the cat, pegged to be a scene stealer. The movie also has two post-credit scenes and opens with a touching tribute to Stan Lee.

This is great news for Captain Marvel but also kind of expected. Early reactions can indeed tend to be positive (Batman v Superman premiere got a standing ovation of sorts) and major critics have yet to weigh in, with most of the reviews coming from pop-culture related sites. Regardless, at this point Marvel Studios has pretty much established a solid cred in delivering good, well-made movies so it’s hard to fault Captain Marvel will be anything less than that.

Check out a few reactions I’ve compiled from the tweets below. None of them have the negativity that has taken over Rotten Tomatoes audiences. All of them are devoid of any spoilers but you might want to tread the internet carefully over the next few days.

Joseph Deckelmeir of That Hashtag Show

@captainmarvel has a lot of heart is is super relevant to the times now. I loved all of the characters in this but Goose the cat might be my favorite MCU character. I’m excited to see @brielarson the the future of the MCU. #CaptainMarvel #marvel #marvelstudios

Scott Menzel of We Live Entertainment

Captain Marvel is everything that I hoped it would be. It feels completely unlike any other Marvel film. A unique and fresh take on an origin story that feels new. Brie Larson is fantastic as Carol Danvers. This is one of my favorite Marvel movies of all time. #CaptainMarvel

Devan Coggan of Entertainment Weekly

#CaptainMarvel is pure joy. I cannot wait for the generation of little girls who will grow up with Carol Danvers as a hero.

And in news that is very true to my brand, I would die for Goose the cat. #CaptainMarvel

Ash Crossan of Entertainment Tonight

I swear to Goose the only thing that bothered me about #CaptainMarvel were her perfect, unattainable beach waves does she do tutorials.

Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm

#CaptainMarvel is a great origin story. Brie’s buddy cop chemistry with @SamuelLJackson is so much fun and her relationship with Lashana Lynch is the real heart of it. Ben Mendelsohn and the cat both steal the show.

Eric Eisenberg of Cinemablend

Captain Marvel is a blast! Has some cool surprises that I definitely didn’t see coming, and the mystery/origin it weaves is engaging and fun. Brie Larson is awesome, and makes a fantastic first step into the MCU #CaptainMarvel

Kayti Burt of Den of Geek

Some initial #CaptainMarvel reactions:

1. Cat people will love this movie.

2. Several truly magnificent music moments for this 90s kid.

3. Carol’s hero moment was very cathartic/true to the female experience, imho.

4. The MCU feels more complete now that Carol is in it.

Steven Weintraub of Collider

Realized something half way through #CaptainMarvel … the de-aging technology being used has become so seamless that I forgot it was being used. We are on the precipice of something both exciting and scary. Can only imagine what Scorsese will do with it in ‘The Irishman’.

Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap

The surprising thing, if at all, is how much Ben Mendelsohn is being appreciated as Talos, with the general consensus being that he’s no ordinary cookie-cutter villain. This only implies that there’s a lot more of Talos the Skrull that we haven’t seen yet.

As I said earlier, these reactions don’t spoil anything but the reviews that follow might. Be very careful as to what you read about Captain Marvel in the days leading up to its release for it’s being said that there is a twist in Captain Marvel on the level of M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019. If you’re unsure what to read, follow Appocalypse for all the non-spoilery news (or at least spoilers with a warning).