Dune Likely To Premiere At The Venice Film Festival

As the Venice Film Festival gears up to be held in person in September, plans are being formulated for which movies will be showcased. It looks like Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is turning out to be one of the likely candidates for being premiered at the festival.

Variety reports that the movie is strongly tipped to launch the festival. As of now however, neither Warner Bros. nor the festival’s management have responded to any requests for comment.

With the festival set to run from Sep 1 to 11, if the studio does indeed choose to premiere Dune, it can be interpreted as a sign of confidence in the film. Typically, it’s fairly common for studios to showcase their best movies in advance to garner enough positive reviews that leads the momentum forward into its theatrical release. A similar strategy was followed with Joker in 2019; it became the darling of film festivals leading up to its release and the stellar reviews helped build solid positive buzz.

Dune is officially set for release on Oct 1, 2021 so this gives Warner Bros. about a month to tout the film’s reviews and obtain some positive press. While the science-fiction community is quite enthusiastic about the film, this will help draw in general audiences who seem fairly disinterested in what is arguably the most important sci-fi movie in a long, long while.