Dune Trailer Teaser Out, Full Trailer Dropping Today

Warner Bros. shared our first glimpse at Dune. And it’s literally a glimpse. The studio put out a Dune trailer teaser that gives us a powerful quote about fear from Paul Atreides (played by Timothee Chalamet) followed by a first look at the character itself. What we also get are looks at each of the cast member’s faces in costume though we’ve already seen that courtesy the barrage of stills that dropped a few months back.

This teaser trailer came out yesterday and as of this writing, we’re about an hour away from getting our first full-length Dune trailer. What we do get a sense of from this 45 second teaser clip is the magnificence of Hans Zimmer’s score that will send chills down your spine. That Dune theme music is certainly going to be epic.

Dune is still slated for a December 18, 2020 release.