Game of Thrones Episode 6 accidentally Leaked Online

HBO’s woes with its most popular show seem to be never ending. Just when it thought things were falling in place after it suffered a massive hack followed by an episode The Spoils of War being leaked online, the prime TV channel has suffered yet another leak.

Season 7’s upcoming Episode Death is the Enemy has now found its way online courtesy an accidental broadcasting. Apparently, HBO Spain aired the episode at the wrong time, much much earlier than its scheduled air date for a full hour before pulling it down. The time-frame was enough for pirates to make copies of the episode and start circulating it online with Reddit seemingly kicking things off.

As HBO scrambles to take the episode down, the episode is sprawling up virally across multiple pirate sites. And this is certainly no hoax either. We at Appocalypse have verified that it’s the real deal. At 50 minutes in length, the episode looks like it’ll be the shortest of Season 7 and seems to be available in 480p and 720p qualities.

HBO has been having a hard time with Season 7 which brings to mind the hardships it faced with Season 5 when the first four episodes infamously leaked online. Earlier last month, hackers had stolen around 1.5 TB of HBO data and began dumping some of it online. Surprisingly, both the episode leaks have not been from that hack but from rather official sources, with the latest one coming from HBO’s branch itself. HBO hasn’t responded for comment as of this moment but we’ll update the story when it does.

At Appocalypse, we strongly condemn such leaks. The show’s creators work hard year-long pouring resources and money on making the episodes and building a week’s worth of hype. A lot of people are anyway seeing the show for free by pirating it; the least that they could do is not encourage such leaks and wait for the episode to air in its usual slot.

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