Happy New Year 2018 from Appocalypse

Few events are commonly celebrated all across the globe with equal fervor. The turn of a New Year is one such event. While the dates may differ depending upon which calendar is followed, the arrival of a New Year is generally greeted with joy and happiness all around the globe.

The last year was a great one for us at Appocalypse. After lying mostly dormant for a while, we picked up the pieces and started afresh with our blog. We gave it a new updated look with a responsive design and expanded our scope to cover not just apps but Technology as a whole, eventually also adding in Entertainment into the mix. The blog is now a complete reflection of the subjects and ideas we’re fully passionate about.

But as is the case with any blog, our work is not and never will be done. So for instance, while we have an overall branding set in place, we constantly play around with the design in bits and pieces so that it reaches a level we’re highly satisfied with. Likewise, we continuously experiment with topics and editorials, to strike the perfect balance between thoughtful and engaging content, trying hard not to resort to sensationalism or clickbait, the two pillars of modern journalistic menace. We believe it’s important to start, whether small or big and keep marching ahead continuously in our endeavors toward building an all-encompassing site that serves as a one-stop hub for all things technology and entertainment.

We’re excited for the New Year and what it holds for us. There’s a lot due on the Tech front – the next Galaxy, OnePlus and iPhone are a given as also are events from the big giants Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple with keynotes by their respective CEOs. And there’s a lot due on the Entertainment front – sequels to AvengersJurassic WorldFantastic Beasts along with movies like Ready Player OneDeadpool 2 and Black Panther. And we haven’t even touched upon TV yet which is truly in its golden era now. The possibilities excite us and we are stoked beyond words.

We’ll be doing our best to bring you coverage and thoughtful editorials throughout the year. Since we run this on the side, it becomes a bit difficult at times to cover everything as news breaks out. But we’re working on it and we’re hoping to step up our game in 2018 by leaps and bounds. Here’s wishing all our readers (and non-readers) out there a very Happy New Year.

In 2018, May the Force be with You.