Hawkeye Trailer Released, Kate Bishop Team-Up In Holiday Themed Disney+ Show

Marvel Studios has dropped the first trailer for Hawkeye a few minutes back. The trailer gives us our first dose of what we can expect from the show which primarily revolves around the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop as a spiritual successor to Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton set in a holiday-themed MCU special. This looks like it’ll be the first time since 2013’s Iron Man 3 that Marvel will return to a predominantly holiday-themed setting.

Little is known about the show and the trailer ensures it stays that way. The series, however, should explore the passing the baton that a lot of MCU properties are handling as the old lot of Avengers transitions to the newer lot. At the show’s conclusion, the hope is that Steinfeld will become an MCU series regular, fully ready to participate in and appear in the MCU crossover movies.

The trailer also provides us with a general idea of the show’s thematic setting. It starts off a bit somber but quickly devolves into a fun, sparkly tone with almost comic action evocative of the James Bond films. And MCU stars from other shows should make an appearance as well; reportedly, Florence Pugh from Black Widow is confirmed to appear.

Hawkeye premieres in Disney+ on Nov 24, 2021. With an anticipated 6 episode run, this should ensure that it concludes right around Christmas season, making it a timely watch. Let me know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below.