Hodor : Hold the Door!

“Willis. I saw you as a boy. You could talk. What happened?”
This has so much meaning behind it now that we know Hodor’s true story.


Hodor. Willis. Stable Boy. A true Loyalist.
A friend of Lyanna and Ned Stark, who was just a stable boy with no training in fighting or in any other aspects of war. But the one with most courage.

Why did Willis become Hodor and why did he always say Hodor is known by everyone now. But if you htink about it Willis pent his entire life knowing how and when he will die but still never left their side and kept on going till his last breath.

It takes a man to fight with vigour in face of certain death, but it takes a whole bigger balls to move in the direction of your death knowing you wont survive.

Make him a Knight Already. Ser Willis.