The first three minutes of Justice League released online

As if to steal some of the limelight from the Disney Fox deal that was announced, the first three minutes of Justice League have been released online in glorious HD. That’s right, this is no CAM Rip or a Telesync print of the movie but rather a full 1080p version of the movie’s opening scene featuring a recording of Superman followed by Batman’s opening skirmish with the Parademon.

The release comes from a South Korean retailer and seems to be part of a pre-order for some blu-ray version of the movie. Whether the clip got out too early by accident is unclear at this point but it’s at least been a couple of hours since it’s been up. In case it’s a mistake, there’s a high chance the clip will end up being removed in the next few hours.

Justice League was released in theaters on Nov 17, 2017 to a mixed (largely less than stellar) audience response and has so far under-performed at the box office, taking in close to $614 million worldwide. It currently ranks as the fifth highest-grossing comic-book movie of the year following DC’s other superhero endeavor Wonder Woman. We’d like to know what your thoughts are on the movie’s opening scene. Did you like Batman’s epic introduction and the opening song or did both of those elements fall flat for you? Let us know in the comments below.