Loki Trailer #2 Suggests Black Widow’s Return

Marvel Studios has dropped the second trailer for its upcoming TV Show Loki. This one has fans most excited simply due to how beloved a character Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is compared to stalwarts such as Wanda and Vision or even Falcon and Bucky. The trailer gives a great look at the show’s scope which looks nothing shy of a $100 million+ movie in terms of effects and scale while also hinting at the show’s general plot. And MCU fans may be greeted by the return of yet another familiar Avenger.

The talk of the town of course is the single still of Loki sitting with what looks like Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff in her Black Widow attire in Vormir. Unless this is a hallucination or a time travel sequence, both of which are very much plausible given the nature of the show, it appears Widow could be trapped in some form in the soul stone and Loki’s time tampering (or the undoing of it rather) could set her free. Either that, or this is a trick shot, designed to fool us into thinking that Widow might return and get everyone talking or could even just be a cameo that doesn’t lead to anywhere.

Loki Trailer 2 Black Widow Still

The show itself will revolve around the Time Variance Authority who is obligated to step in and regulate matters after Loki’s grabbing of the Tesseract and jumping out branches off another reality and tilts the balance of the universal timeline. Several shots convey that we could be visiting iconic scenes from earlier MCU films; case in point being Loki sitting on the throne from the first Thor. My only gripe thus far is that the TVA looks far too much like it’s controlled by generic humans and operates like a regular spy agency unlike something far more mysterious. But that may be the trailer trying to cater to the lowest common denominator.

Either ways, it sounds like Loki is going to be quite the ride. Loki releases on Disney+ on June 11. Coincidentally, that’s only a few weeks before the release of Black Widow now so certainly some interesting timing. Let me know which part of the trailer stuck with you in the comments below.