The New Mission: Impossible – Fallout Trailer Features All Out Action With Emphasis On Story

Amidst all the comic-book and big-budget extravaganzas lined up for 2018’s summer movie season, it’s easy to dismiss Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout as just another action movie vying for your dollars. However, unlike many franchises, this one has gotten better with each installment and is on steady footing after the previously well-received Rogue Nation. A new trailer for the movie dropped yesterday and aside from teasing the standard array of hard-hitting Tom Cruise action we’ve come to associate the actor with, it also sheds more light on what the movie’s plot entails.

From the looks of it, it appears Cruise and his Impossible Missions Force (IMF) are battling a more standard nemesis hell bent on biblical destruction, with a possible flair for theatricality. There are hints of a nuclear attack, either having occurred or about to happen as seen on a television screen in the background of one of the shots behind Cruise. The terrorist responsible, Solomon Lane, escapes IMF’s custody which forces CIA involvement. This is also where Henry Cavill’s character comes into the picture. Presumably working for the CIA, Cavill is tasked with keeping the IMF in check as the CIA narrows down on the escaped convict. We’re of course being careful with our choice of words as modern-day trailers are often edited heavily to misguide audiences. It isn’t hard to imagine that Cavill’s and Cruise’s characters could join forces towards the end with Cavil being added to the roster of rogue agents that constitute the IMF, taking the place of Jeremy Renner to become a regular part of the franchise going forward.

The trailer is heavy on action and showcases some new bits unseen in the previous trailers, including some new shots of the famed helicopter sequence. With the crowd of movies set to hit theaters in the next few months, Paramount will really need to market the latest Mission: Impossible entry heavily to draw audiences in. Marketing should receive a heavy push as July approaches, once all the heavy-duty movies have ended their campaigns.

Let us know whether or not you liked the trailer in the comments below. Mission: Impossible – Fallout releases in theaters on July 27, 2018, towards the tail-end of the summer movie season.