New Shazam Featurette Gives Behind The Scenes Look With Some New Footage

DC just dropped a new featurette for Shazam which for a second, I thought was the much rumored Trailer 2. Titled Meet Shazam, it’s essentially the first trailer repackaged in a different way, interspersed with characters and the film’s director David Sandberg talking about what it means to be the superhero Shazam. Meanwhile, we get some quick behind the scenes shots as well as some new bits of footage here and there in the fight between Shazam and Dr. Sivana. Check it out.

The new footage is surprisingly sparse, as is behind the scenes shots showing the crew working together (thankfully, we do have some past set photos to refer to). The best part about the footage though is seeing just how excited Zachary Levi is to play Shazam, even displaying that childlike enthusiasm that Billy Batson would if he were awarded those superhero powers. It’s almost like he’s still in character, making him perfect for the part. I just wish Warner Bros. would market this movie more considering how close it is to release; it genuinely looks like it could be great fun.

Shazam hits theaters on April 5, 2019. Follow us on Appocalypse for all the latest news surrounding the movie.