Ryan Reynolds Releases Unfinished Clip From Free Guy

Free Guy got pushed to December a few days back but chalk it up to Ryan Reynolds to deliver the news in style. He released an unfinished clip from the movie that’s part of a scene featured in the trailers where a news anchor announces the daily happenings of this bizarre world. Among some of the bits are citizens getting shot down by machine guns and choppers raining fire on the streets. Check it out below:

Reynolds quipping about the clip’s appropriateness has much to do with the reason for the film’s delay. The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world with shutdowns, lockdowns, closures and social distancing heavily encouraged. This has brought the economy to a standstill and created quite a strange once-in-a-lifetime bleak view of reality, a picture similarly painted by the news anchor.

Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as he navigates his way around a video-game world and discovers he’s an NPC in the game. Armed with the realization, he then goes about saving the same. Originally slated for a summer release, the movie will now arrive on December 11, 2020.