Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown: Everything We Learned

A brand new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was just released online today by Sony and among all things, it contains massive spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. Those spoilers are certainly not the only things we saw in the new trailer. As is customary with big trailer drops, here’s our comprehensive breakdown of all the important stuff we saw and learned from the trailer, including all the reveals, easter-eggs, plot hints and teases to future MCU movies (if any).

Tom Holland Giving A Spoiler Warning

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Spoiler Warning

Right off the bat, one of the most ironic things about the Far From Home trailer is Tom Holland giving us fellow viewers a spoiler warning, letting us know that this trailer contains major Avengers: Endgame spoilers. The hilarity isn’t lost on the fan community as the actor, most known for doling out spoilers is warning people of what lies ahead. Pretty sure Holland had a tough time maintaining a straight face for that one.

Peter Parker Misses Tony Stark

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Peter Parker Misses Tony Stark

And down comes the first spoiler. We’re immediately told of Iron Man’s sacrifice at the end of Endgame and how dearly Peter misses Tony Stark. Well, so does Happy and the two share a tender moment reminiscing over their former mentor / boss.

Spider-Man Is The Next Iron Man

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Next Iron Man

Sony’s movie is less subtle in its attempts at setting things up. As such, Spider-Man being setup as the next Iron Man is played in your face for laughs, although if there’s anyone who can lead the MCU going forward, it’s our friendly neighborhood web slinger. That is, assuming Marvel had all rights to use him of course; otherwise, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel should pave the way forward. Speaking of which,

Thor & Captain Marvel References

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Thor Captain Marvel

Later on in the trailer, Parker asks why can’t Thor or Captain Marvel help. The general answer given is that they’re both away out into other worlds; Thor on his adventures with Asgardians of the Galaxy while Danvers, probably out to help other planets deal with the snap being undone.

Nick Fury Has Been Reaching Out

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Nick Fury Calling

Looks like Fury has been trying to reach out to Spider-Man proactively. I wonder why of all people, Fury needs Spidey’s assistance in dealing with this particular threat? Perhaps he happens to be one of the only superheroes available in Europe at the time.

Fury Meeting Parker For The First Time

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Nick Fury First Meeting

Supposedly the first time Fury meets Parker though this time, the dialogue is different, perhaps to suggest they already met at Stark’s funeral. It’s all the more likely the duo met each other before considering Fury was actively reaching out to Parker.

Stark Suit

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Stark Suit

We strangely see the Stark suit “after” the Iron Spider suit. Considering Stark himself is no more, Parker is going to have to be careful with the suit or risk going back to his handmade costume. Which also begs the question of who exactly will be providing Peter with upgrades?

Stealth Suit

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Stealth Suit

And that question is answered soon enough as Spidey has a stealth suit which, in all likelihood, is provided by Fury and Hill. Whether they’ve managed to resurrect S.H.I.E.L.D. to some extent is debatable but they clearly have the resources to supply this tech.

Peter Meets Mysterio, Unmasked

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Meeting Mysterio

The biggest moment appears in the next few scenes when Peter Parker unmasks himself in front of Mysterio, who he seemingly meets for the first time. That Parker would let his identity known to a complete stranger is questionable at best. Then again, the MCU isn’t really playing the secret identity card and we saw Spider-Man actively unmask himself at the end of Avengers: Endgame in front of a dozen odd heroes he had never met.

Multiverse? Alternate Universe?

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Alternate Universe

Arguably the single most interesting scene / bit / dialogue from the trailer, that deserves a piece of its own. Nick Fury mentions Mysterio as being from an alternate universe whose reality merged with ours after the snap. That is to say, Mysterio somehow arrived into our reality after the snap happened, while also bringing the Elementals along with him. There’s something really fishy going on here but carefully looking through the glass might actually give you more than you expect, including some crucial plot details. I’m saving that for a later piece.

Hydro Man

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Hydro Man

We get clearer looks at all the elementals, with Hydro Man being the most impressive. My gut says, he’s getting some form of face as well, only we haven’t seen it yet.

MJ Knows Peter’s Identity?

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - MJ Knows

Zendaya’s MJ acts like she knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man (Holland even says it like Tobey Maguire). It’s possible she could simply be playing it out for fun; we’ve seen her suspect Peter of something at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming only for it to pan out into nothing. But if she does know Parker’s real identity, it could add a new layer to their romance although knowing the kind of girl Michelle is, she won’t give that much importance to his secret identity as the masked web-slinger.

Destruction By Elementals

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Happy Hogan Plan

That’s some serious destruction left by the Elementals in Europe. Either that, or it’s the result of some Endgame after-effects.

Happy Hogan’s Hilarious Plan

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 Breakdown - Destruction

Finally, there’s nothing important to spot here (save for the Quinjet that gets blown up) but its hilarious to see Happy Hogan try to assemble a bunch of kids and get them to safety. Considering that there are four kids here, does that make Happy Hogan four-head of security?

That’s it for our humble attempt at dissecting the new Far From Home trailer. Let us know what you think of our breakdown and if we missed anything in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases in theaters three days earlier, on July 2, 2019.