Everything We Learned From The First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Sony unveiled the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home a few hours back. There’s a lot to unpack and learn from here, as is usually the case with Sony trailers since they’re stuffed with loads of info. This one’s no different. Here’s breaking down everything we learned from that trailer, including those easter eggs, details about the plot and what it all entails. Spoilers may follow so those looking to avoid them may skip reading the plot-related entries.

Aunt May Is Cool With Peter Parker’s Identity

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Aunt May Peter Parker

Spider-Man: Homecoming ended with a big WTF moment when Peter Parker accidentally unmasked himself at his home in the presence of Aunt May. The natural presumption is that between Homecoming, Infinity War and Far From Home, Aunt May has learned enough about Parker’s dual identity and made peace with it. Not only that, it appears she’s rather cool with it, making appearances at charity events in the presence of Spider-Man, perhaps to cash-in on his popularity.

However, the way the scenes and dialog play out, we aren’t explicitly told whether Aunt-May knows that Parker is Spider-Man. This can only work if Parker was somehow able to convince May that his Spider-Man costume was just that, a costume. In that case, May still won’t know Parker is Spidey but on the contrary, would believe that he simply have a Spider-Man costume. Consequently, she might want to use it to draw an audience to do some charity in the process. It’s a bit far-fetched sure, but with Marvel having the ability to pull off such twists, you’d never know.

Happy Hogan And Aunt May Are Seeing Each Other?

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Aunt May Happy Hogan

Again, file this one under rumors but the trailer made it obvious that there’s something going on between Happy and May. Previous set leaks had hinted that the two will be seeing each other, and perhaps even be in a relationship of some sort. It’s highly likely the two are dating, a dynamic which would’ve somehow developed post the events of the two Avengers movies.

It’s definitely a bit weird, seeing Stark’s security guard take over flirting duties from his boss but with Stark not around, guess it’s possible Happy was there to console May and be there for him?

Peter Parker Goes On A Field Trip, Leaves Suit Behind

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Peter Leaves Back Suit

The central premise of the movie involves Peter Parker going on a trip to Europe (London, specifically) with his batchmates. In doing so, he decides to take a break from his duties as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and consequently leaves his suit behind. This is a natural way of baking suit upgrades into the plot, and we’ll have more to talk about that a few lines below.

Passport Dates, No Years

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Peter Parker Passport

There’s a brief snapshot of Peter Parker’s passport and this is where we see Sony doing some stuff to hide potential Avengers: Endgame spoilers, as well as obfuscate the timeline snafu they committed at the beginning of Homecoming. The passport has only dates of issue and expiry, with the years conveniently omitted out. It’s a good way of keeping fans from guessing whether Far From Home takes place immediately after or before Avengers: Endgame, despite Marvel President Kevin Feige setting the record straight on that one (it takes place minutes after Endgame).

Peter And Michelle’s Brewing Romance

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Peter MJ Romance

Peter and Michelle definitely have something going on between them. Both are seen hitting at each other in the trailers and set photos have confirmed a moment where Parker rescues MJ in Spider-Man costume in some way. Perhaps Peter will reveal his identity to MJ, leading to a recreation of some classic Sam Raimi Spider-Man moments? Just sayin’.

Nick Fury

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Nick Fury

Nick Fury has an expanded role in the movie. While movie fans may find it strange to see Fury interacting with Spider-Man, it definitely appears he’s going to assign Parker to a mission, as well as give him his costume upgrades. Could this mean S.H.I.E.L.D. is back in the ix? Either that, or he’s gone ahead to head a new, different organization entirely. S.W.O.R.D. perhaps?

Earth, Fire, Water Creatures?

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Hydroman

Through the final act of the trailer, we see London attacked by different creatures, able to harness the power of earth, fire and water. These creatures may be The Elementals, Magnum (Master of the Earth), Hellfire (Weilder of Flame) and Zephyr (Mistress of the Winds) along with Hydron (Lord of the Waters) who may have been merged with Hydro-Man. Together, these should introduce some supernatural elements to Spider-Man, while giving him some fresh, unheard of foes to fight.

Maria Hill

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Maria Hill

Nick Fury isn’t alone in his mission. Accompanying him is his trusted aide Maria Hill. She’s only seen in one shot fighting one of the aforementioned creatures, that too from the back. But she’s definitely a part of the movie, as set visits have confirmed in the past.

Spider-Man Black Stealth Suit

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Black Suit

The black stealth suit that was spotted at CCXP 2018 makes an appearance for a split second. It’s highly likely this tactical suit is handed over to Parker by Fury after Parker left his suit back home to free himself up from his responsibilities.

The Spectacular Spider-Man School Outfit

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Spectacular

When Peter Parker encounters Hydro-Man, he strikes the classic Spidey pose. The outfit he’s wearing seems inspired from The Spectacular Spider-Man. The resemblance is faint but Marvel fans will be having a field day with this minor nod.

Mysterio and his powers?

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Mysterio Powers

Finally, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio (Quentin Beck) makes an apperance. Surprisingly, he’s on Spider-Man’s side and tells them to step aside since it’s not their fight. He then takes flight and goes on to fight Hydro-Man. It’s unclear what his specific power set is or if he has any superstrength but there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Anyone who knows Mysterio’s origins is aware that this is all a ploy for him to gain some fame in the eyes of the public. We’ll do a separate post about it later on since there’s a lot to talk about here.

Fishbowl Helmet

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Mysterio Fishbowl Helmet

The iconic Fishbowl Helmet makes an appearance, making it clear Mysterio WILL don it at some point. That should make a lot of comic fans happy who’ve been clamoring for the helmet to be seen ever since Mysterio was announced as a major player in the Far From Home proceedings.

Iron Man & Thor reference

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Iron Man Thor

The final scene has Ned and the gang comparing Mysterio to Iron Man and Thor, giving us some expected MCU references in the Sony movie. It’ll be interesting to see if either of Iron Man and Thor is available in this newly-inhabited world

Trailer Music

Spider-Man Far From Home Teaser Trailer Breakdown - Logo

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer music combines the best of Michael Giacchino’s Spider-Man theme he composed for Homecoming, as well as an epic orchestral version of the classic Spider-Man theme song. Let’s hope that rendition makes his way to the film’s soundtrack as well and finds its way online, for now.

That’s it on the trailer breakdown. What do you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases in theaters on July 5, 2019.