Spider-Man: No Way Home Alternate Trailer Shows New Footage

The frenzy around the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer has barely settled and more interesting tidbits have begun pouring in. We now have what appears to be an alternate version or cut of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer that shows new footage. Among the fresh scenes in question is an extended interaction betwene Strange and Spidey when the latter attempts to forcefully take the mysterious cube artifact and gets punched out of his astral projection. We also get a brief new glimpse at the Green Goblin around the bridge fight sequence.

We’ve known since the first trailer that the Goblin would be a part of the bridge fight but it’s nice to have a good, clean shot of the Goblin hovering around to attack Spidey. This again reemphasizes the importance of that sequence as it’s looking increasingly likely that it’s not only the first major set-piece of No Way Home but could also be the first time the multiverse villains make their appearance.

Meanwhile, the talk between Strange and Spidey evokes a good father-son dynamic, made more evident by Cumberbatch’s line, “This is why I don’t have kids”. It’s interesting to see that Marvel has given Holland a sort of a new father figure in Strange after Stark’s departure from the MCU. I’m curious to see if this is all for the sake of this movie or if the dynamic that kicked off in Avengers: Infinity War continues to evolve into something more.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on Dec 17, 2021.