Tenet Hi-Res Stills Released

Some brand new Tenet hi-res stills have been released. As part of Total Film’s coverage of the movie, we now have four high resolution stills to marvel at. One of these is a behind-the-scenes shot of Christopher Nolan directing John David Washingtin in the Tallinn Linnahall sequence that was scene in the IMAX prologue, replete in SWAT team gear and all.

Christopher Nolan Tenet Still 05

Next up, we have John David Washington looking dapper in a suit in what looks like he’s walking across the street. Washington is most certainly going to be the equivalent of Nolan’s James Bond and with the black actor in the lead, it’s Nolan’s shot at putting an interesting spin on the spy genre, not just with its concept but with its casting as well.

Christopher Nolan Tenet Still 06

A third still shows Elizabeth Debicki’s character in what appears to be scuba-diving gear. This is either her character’s interests or she’s actually getting ready to partake in a dangerous underwater mission which further increases the scope of the already gigantic Tenet. This sequence could occur in close correlation with the scene where Washington and Debicki are seeing traveling in a speedboat.

Christopher Nolan Tenet Still 07

Finally, we have Kenneth Branagh playing the Russian national who is the film’s primary antagonist. He’s after the time inversion tech for his own purposes which include causing something far worse than World War 3.

Christopher Nolan Tenet Still 08

Tenet is set for release on Jul 17 thus far, with Warner Bros. neither committing to nor moving away from that release date. Marketing however, is continuing as expected and it’s highly likely that we’ll continue to see a steady outpouring of Tenet promotional material until the release date is officially delayed.