Tenet Movie Website Goes Live, First Poster Surfaces

Christopher Nolan took the internet by storm overnight when he and Warner Bros. secretly shipped the first official Tenet teaser trailer to limited screenings of Hobbs and Shaw. Now, the first website for the movie has gone live and showcases the rotating title so prominently seen in the trailer. The website offers multiple pieces that connect together to give us the first possible Tenet poster in black and white color combinations. Check them out below.

Christopher Nolan Tenet Movie Poster White

The simplicity of the poster is a huge welcome in an age of flashy titles and promotional material. Nolan, known for keeping his titles simple, doesn’t play around with the look too much. There are however subtle clues such as the rotating palindrome title looking the same when viewed upside down and the color switch between dark and night, which suggest some sort of dichotomy running through the plot. Perhaps we could see events in Tenet play out from two diametrically opposite perspectives and intersect to form a unified narrative.

Christopher Nolan Tenet Poster Black

For what it’s worth, this flurry of activity around Tenet has generated some huge excitement and incredible buzz. I personally can’t wait to see what Nolan is up to and begin dissecting the clues he throws at us with Tenet‘s marketing. All will be revealed next year as Tenet hits theaters, both regular as well as 35 mm, 70 mm and IMAX screens on July 17, 2020. Meanwhile, feel free to let me know what you think of these posters and the website in the comments below.