Tenet Teaser Trailer Leaked Online In High Quality

Christopher Nolan is a man of secrets. Earlier in August, he sneaked in a teaser trailer for Tenet ahead of some screenings of Universal Pictures’ Hobbs and Shaw. The minute long trailer featured only John David Washington and never saw an online release, remaining exclusive to movie theaters. That is, until now. And that too, unofficially.

The first Tenet teaser trailer in high quality has just been leaked online. The leak comes from a French version of the trailer so all the titles feature French translations of the phrases “Time has come for a new kind of protagonist” and “Time has come for a new kind of mission”, the talking points of the teaser. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same trailer. Check it out.

The trailer is bound to get taken down by Warner Bros. soon. The question is, will they ever release it online at some point in the future, at least to run ahead of one of their own anticipated movie releases Joker, which ironically, is itself expected to get a trailer today.

In case the link gets taken down, here are some high-resolution shots from the trailer to prove it was legitimate:

Update: Images removed at the behest of Warner Bros.