Terminator: Dark Fate First Trailer Coming In 48 Hours, Poster Revealed

The marketing blitz for Terminator: Dark Fate is about to kick off. Arnold Schwarznegger who plays the titular Terminator announced the arrival of a new trailer tomorrow via his social media. We have a short countdown to accompany the reveal which gives us our first look at the Dark Fate logo.

Additionally, Skydance have also released the movie’s first official teaser poster featuring Linda Hamilton returning to the franchise as Sarah Connor. Hamilton looks badass, donning her iconic gear with weapons and all, a look which made Connor such a strong female back in the franchise’s old days.

Terminator: Dark Fate has a lot going both for and against it at this point. Proponents include the return of series veterans Linda Hamilton and James Cameron who is back as a creative consultant, making this the first Terminator movie to include his involvement. Some of the concerns include the movie’s inflated budget implying a potential focus on spectacle over plot, with the returning elements merely used as a nostalgic cash-grab.

Whatever the case, we should find out soon enough. The first trailer will be here and should give us an idea of what the movie has in store for us in terms of tone and plot.