Terminator: Dark Fate Entire Plot Leaked Online?

Has the plot of Terminator: Dark Fate leaked online? At least that’s what it appears to be judging by a Reddit threat. Apparently, Dark Fate has been having some test screenings to assess its quality and allow the filmmakers to tinker and make some changes based on feedback received. Typically, audiences that are a part of the test screening are made to sign NDAs to prevent any information from disclosing but looks like someone didn’t honor the agreement. That said, this post obviously contains some serious spoilers so turn back if you want to be unspoiled.

According to the Reddit thread, John Connor gets killed off in the movie’s opening minutes. The prologue of sorts takes place three years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and sees Arnold Schwarznegger’s new T-800 bump off John. This is also where the reported digital de-aging will come into play. We then forward 27 years where Grace arrives from the future to save Dani Ramos, the new John Connor with the new Terminator REV9 sent to kill her. Enter Sarah Connor who arrives and rescues them in the scene glimpsed at in the trailers. REV9 himself is created not by Skynet but a new AI system / firm called LEGACY.

Somewhere during the movie, the trio also bump into T-800 who seems to have developed a conscience of some form, only to end up being killed 3 minutes into his introduction with Sarah Connor. This is where things start to get a bit muddled. According to one leaker, the trio end up killing REV9. Another source though suggests that the T-800 is alive and ends up being the one to sacrifice himself to take out the REV9. We thus have multiple leaks differing in some details here and there, including the year Grace is from (2042 vs 2045) or whether John Connor is killed in the beginning or not (at least one person stated that he ends up living a normal life instead of being killed).

It’s difficult to verify the authenticity of these leaks. What is worth noting is that the person in question previously leaked some major plot details from Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and many of them turned out right, lending some weight to the rumors. Also, it looks like aside from the minor discrepancies, the broad strokes of the plot tally. While it could be pure conjecture at this point, it’s also possible that there’s some truth to it. The variations could be accounted for by the studios screening different versions of the movie and will end up going with the one that works best.

Fans are aghast at the rumored plot elements, comparing it to the previous installment Terminator: Genisys. It does feel like the writers and filmmakers have run out of fresh ideas, seeing how all plot elements are a mish-mash of various Terminator films of the past. At this point, Terminator: Salvation is the only non-Cameron sequel that genuinely tried something new within the confines of the world, never mind that it failed. The filmmakers and the studio could course correct to a certain extent but Dark Fate does have the ominous feel of being doomed months before it’s release.

If you did manage to read this far, let us know what’s your opinion of these leaked plot points in the comments below. Terminator: Dark Fate releases in theaters on November 1, 2019.