Toy Story 4 Surprise Teaser Confirms Return Of All Major Characters

Quite out of nowhere, Toy Story 4 got a surprise teaser highlighting the core characters of the series apparently floating in the sky. That’s right, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Rex, Slinky Dog, Potato Head and many others will be back for the fourth installment in the two-decade long franchise. It doesn’t offer anything in terms of plot reveals but serves to merely inform viewers that aren’t caught up as much that a fourth Toy Story film is on its way. It has already crossed 10 million views within 3 days of its online debut. Watch the teaser below:

After creating a slew of original films, Pixar-Disney have been on a sequel-making spree. They made sequels to all their popular movies and it appears some are going to get more than two movies. Currently, Cars and Toy Story are the only franchises that have completed a trilogy but others should follow as well. All this seems to be an attempt on Disney’s part to churn out a continuous stream of content, often reliaing on proven material, while steadily and stealthily building a repository of exclusives for its own streaming service. It goes without saying that Toy Story 4 w

What do you think of Toy Story‘s return though? Did the story conclude reasonably well for you with the emotional ending of Toy Story 3? Or do you feel another movie could fit comfortably within the franchise? Does Tom Hanks returning to voice Woody at his age excite you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.