Wonder Woman 2 could be titled Wonder Woman 1984

We learned last week how Warner Bros. had blocked a whole bunch of domains for Wonder Woman 2, which gave us insight into what the movie’s titles could potentially be. Not long after that came to light, it appears executive producer and DCEU overseer Geoff Johns along with director Patty Jenkins have more or less confirmed that the sequel will be titled Wonder Woman 1984 and will be set in that very year which headlines the title.

Geoff Johns updated his banner on Facebook with a WW84 logo. That same banner was used by Patty Jenkins for her official Twitter account moments later. Both these teases seemingly confirm that the movie will be set in 1984 with its title taking a cue from George Orwell’s eponymous novel named after that very year, signifying a possible commonality with the war centered themes of the book. The title could likely be a spin on that year such as Wonder Woman 84Wonder Woman: 1984 or something else. Of course its highly unlikely that Wonder Woman 1984 would chart as deep territories as the novel did but the parallels are nonetheless interesting. The change in banner was originally spotted by The Hollywood Reporter and was reported initially by the ever vigilant Batman News.

When dissecting the list of potential titles revealed, I had expressed displeasure about most of the registered domains and outright vetoed the idea of using a year in the title. At that point though, the George Orwell inspiration hadn’t struck me. That doesn’t mean I’m doing an about-face and warming up to the title immediately; it’s still a little too unconventional for my taste but I’m going to follow this news to see how this pans out. Hopefully I should grow to get accustomed to it sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on this title though? Feel free to drop in a word or two in the comments below.

Wonder Woman 2 or Wonder Woman 1984 releases on November 1, 2019.