Google, Amazon, Apple and other shares down as Nasdaq glitch mistakenly makes test data live

Instances of Test Data being spotted in Production environments occasionally occur at plenty of software company workplaces. But when theĀ firmĀ behind such a glitch happens to be one of the biggest stock exchanges in the United States, the results can be downright disastrous.

In such a glitch earlier today, NASDAQ accidentally made test data live on its site resulting in stock prices of several huge companies taking a huge nose-dive. The erroneous data was picked up by multiple finance sites like Google Finance and Yahoo Finance resulting in the stock prices of major companies having taken a major nosedive.

NASDAQ Glitch - Amazon

The NASDAQ Glitch caused Amazon share price to plateau at $123.47

To understand the impact of this bug, Amazon’s share price was being reported as $123.47, down 87% from its day’s closing price of $953.66. Likewise, Apple’s share price was also being reported as being 14% down to the exact same amount of $123.47, a figure that seems to have been representative of test stock prices at NASDAQ. Google’s share price was similarly down 86% while Microsoft was up 14%, both resting at that exact same amount. Some other companies listed such as the social behemoths Facebook & Twitter as well as Netflix remained unaffected.

NASDAQ Glitch - Microsoft

The same NASDAQ glitch raised Microsoft’s share price to the exact same $123.47.

NASDAQ had last said it was working with third party vendors to resolve the issue and officially released a statement providing some resolution into what caused this. The issue seems to have been fixed as share prices have returned to their normal values.