Google Play Store rolls out support for Instant Apps; try an app without installing

As part of its Playtime 2017 developer focused event today, Google announced some key improvements to its Play Store service. Notable among those was the ability of the Play Store to now support Instant Apps.

Apps will now feature a Try it Now option to allow a user to try the app out before installing. The app of course, loads using Google’s Instant Apps tech that was introduced back in Google I/O 2017 and essentially works by splitting up an app into small individual parts that can run¬†independent of each other. The feature is rolling out to a limited set of apps at launch and is bound to be useful to people who’re not particularly fond of mobile websites and also don’t prefer installing too many apps on their phones. It should also come in handy for apps that you’d prefer using a limited number of times such as making a payment or booking a ticket.

Google also announced some other enhancements to its Play Store experience, including a separate section for Games that will in turn feature disparate areas for game trailers and game downloads. The downloads themselves will be split up into new games and trending games later down the road. Additionally, Google is going to make it easier to discover both great games and app experiences by expanding its Editor’s choice section and rolling it out to more countries (it should currently be available in 17 countries worldwide).

This is just a taste of what Google announced. You can read the complete listing at the source link below: