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iPhones worth €500,000 stolen in Fast and Furious inspired heist

Real life often bleeds into film, and vice-versa. In this case, the vice-versa is what seems to have happened. In a heist that seems straight off like a Fast and Furious movie, iPhones worth half a million Euros were stolen from a moving van by a group of five people.

The cargo was carrying the iPhones in a non-stop point A to point B delivery, only to realize the phones were gone upon arriving at the destination. The Dutch police, upon investigation, arrested five men between the ages of 33 to 43 who were involved in the heist. They also found a van with the loot and with statements from the thieves, pieced together the events of the theft.

Apparently the team of five drove close enough to the truck to allow one of the members to jump on it and unload the iPhone cartels while on a Dutch road. The boxes were passed on from the delivery truck through a hole in the roof. The police representative Ed Kraszewski said this was not the only heist and they were investigating instances of iPhones stolen from trucks for quite a while now. While signs did point to a Fast and Furious like scenario, they were initially skeptical that such a move could be pulled off.

Similar thefts have been reported across Europe as well, as reported by The Guardian which originally broke the story. The suspects are from Romania and are suspected of having some involvement in those thefts as well, although the cops have yet to confirm the same. This only goes on to illustrate the immense demand of iPhones and other high-end smartphones.