The Russo Brothers On Avengers: Infinity War IMAX Blu-Ray

It’s strange, yet entirely understandable how Avengers: Infinity War continues to make news months after its release. Recently, Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo attended a big fan screening for the movie followed by a Q & A session. Among the multiple things they revealed regarding Infinity War included some insight into its home-video release in the IMAX format, as they also discussed the challenges of filming such a mammoth undertaking.

Infinity War was shot entirely on digital IMAX cameras, along with its successor Avengers 4. Even so, the movie’s blu-ray release came in the traditional 2.39:1 aspect ratio and not the 1.88:1 IMAX ratio that fans were expecting. It appears there’s a lot of complication behind the scenes but the general reason for this was attributed to IMAX. Despite this though, the Russo brothers asked fans to hold up hope for a potential IMAX blu-ray release in the near future.

The brothers also revealed how complicated it was to shoot such a massive undertaking and that the complexities largely stemmed from the huge ensemble assembled for the movie and their widely differing schedules. Scheduling conflicts forced them to shoot scenes out of order and the brothers revealed that Iron Man, Star Lord, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man formulating a plan to defeat Thanos on Titan was the first day of shooting, something which can be confirmed by this behind-the-scenes look which was released to commemorate Day 1 of principal photography on Infinity War.

There’s loads more content that came out of the Q & A. Sadly however, there was nothing about the Avengers 4 trailer whose very absence seems to have taken the internet by storm. Despite all the clamoring and Marvel sitting tight on the trailer, it can’t come soon enough.

Avengers: Infinity War is available on Blu-Ray and DVD as Avengers 4 releases worldwide on May 3, 2019.