Avengers: Infinity War Rotten Tomatoes Score & Review Roundup

Now that the movie has premiered, the review embargo for Avengers: Infinity War has been lifted. After the overwhelmingly positive early reactions we received from the premiere, critics have started posting their reviews online. Rotten Tomatoes, the site well known these days for making or breaking a movie has begun rounding up the reviews and generating its scores and we now have figures on how Infinity War is doing.

Avengers: Infinity War currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86% and an average rating of 7.7 out of 10 based on reviews from 125 critics. The movie is deemed certified fresh with 108 out of the 125 critics reviewing the movie favorably. Those numbers may come as a tad bit disappointing for people who were hoping Infinity War to surpass Black Panther’s historic 96% score but do not be mistaken – these numbers are nowhere close to a disappointment.

The Rotten Tomatometer rating puts the movie exactly in the middle of the pantheon of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are 9 movies rated better than Infinity War and 9 movies rated worse. It is also the third highest scored movie on the site for the MCU with the two other scores being an 8 and an 8.2, although it ties with several other movies for that spot.

At Metacritic, it’s doing favorably, albeit not astoundingly well. It has a rating of 67 out of 100 from 46 reviews which is generally the rating that critic reviews on Metacritic aggregate towards for blockbuster movies. For comparison, the first Avengers movie received a Metascore of 69 but we all know how much we enjoyed that movie.

Finally, here are some reviews from the top critics. I’ve been careful in choosing summaries which do not spoil anything; however, feel free to read the own reviews at your own caution if you intend to navigate to the source website. Note that these are only review snippets linking to the full reviews; while the snippets themselves contain no spoilers, I can’t say the same about the full reviews so tread carefully.

Thanos packs a heck of a punch in “Infinity War” – he pretty much punches everyone. It’s the emotion behind those punches that will surprise you.

The Washington Post


All the past decade’s Marvel movies have been heading toward this showdown. Turns out the payoff was worth the wait.

New York Post


With so many ingredients to stir into this overflowing pot, you have to hand it to the two experienced teams of Marvel collaborators who had a feel for how to pull this magnum opus off.

The Hollywood Reporter


If, for decades, the metaphor for propulsive blockbuster filmmaking was the “ride,” then watching “Avengers: Infinity War” is like going to a theme park and taking three spins on every ride there.



What saves Infinity War from being just another bloated supergroup tour – and what will end up being the thing that blows fans’ minds to dust – is the film’s final stretch.

Entertainment Weekly


The noisy, bloated spectacles of combat were surely the most expensive parts of the movie, but the money seems less like an imaginative tool than a substitute for genuine imagination.

New York Times


If you’ve been solidly along for the Marvel ride up to this point, you’ll enjoy this leg of the journey even if it hasn’t yet reached the terminal.

The Wrap


It’s the epitome of a summer blockbuster. The explosive action is practically nonstop, breaking only occasionally for jokes and a touch of romance – though without ever breaking its grim, apocalyptic tone.

Dallas Morning News


Ten years of Marvel movies all culminate in Avengers: Infinity War. Was it worth the wait? Yes and no.


So there you have it. While looking at this list here may seem like the reactions are a mixed bag, it’s because we’ve made some effort to pick both the positive and the negative reactions rather than simply post the overwhelmingly positive ones. As expected, the negative reactions are largely from the top critics who find the movie bloated, overstuffed and full of characters and references they probably couldn’t care less about. Which is perfectly understandable; this 10-year journey isn’t one they’ve been on. It’s a journey undertaken by fans and truthfully, it’ll be a lot more important on whether or not fans perceive this payoff as a satisfying one.

Avengers: Infinity War opens tomorrow, April 27. Have you got your tickets yet?