New Captain Marvel 90s Themed Posters Give Clear Look At Talos, Goose

Marvel Studios’ marketing campaign for Captain Marvel is slowly picking up steam. With new images and stills popping every other day and tickets about to go on sale soon, the next few weeks should see the movie’s presence increase gradually with each passing day. Merchandizing deals have been struck as well and one of these outlets has now revealed some additional wall posters that give us a first look at some of the movie’s characters. Check them out below.

The 90s styled artwork is immediately striking; the posters look like a unique blend of hand-drawn art and official stills (especially the one with Brie Larson punching). Talos is also featured, as is Carol’s cat Goose (who was called Chewie in the comics). Just to be clear, these are different from the official posters that Marvel releases, even though they could very well be mistaken for such.

What do you think of these posters and the 90s inspiration behind them? Let us know in the comments below. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019. Hit on the link to keep up with our coverage of the movie.