Captain Marvel New ESPN Trailer: Brie Larson Has Fun, Tickets Now On Sale

Marvel Studios’ lived up to their announcement and dropped a short new trailer for Captain Marvel at ESPN’s football game tonight. The trailer itself is now available online to view and, in a direct addressal to fan’s criticisms, shows Brie Larson having fun and engaging in lots of banter with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. With the arrival of this extended spot, tickets have now gone on sale in the US. Check it out below.

We also get our first look at Skrulls transforming into humans and the general look and feel of how those sequences will play out. Skrulls shed their skin to grow new ones matching their target quickly, wiht the process itself looking quite painful. If anything, it’s going to push the movie’s PG-13 rating a bit. The entire tone of the trailer is kick-ass with a rock-and-roll vibe, evidently catering to the masses as much as possible.

Captain Marvel ESPN Trailer Skrull Transformation

I had expected this to be a TV Spot but the amount of new footage included makes it nothing short of a trailer (Trailer #3 perhaps). Of course its much shorter than regular 2 minute trailers, which is why it’s being referred to as a special look. Larson smiling, having some fun and the general tone of the trailer clearly suggests Marvel is aware of the criticism surrounding the movie in some segments of the internet and is looking to actively pacify them through its marketing in the months ahead. Either ways, it was great to see Fury and Larson bonding on their road-trip to uncover her past.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters worldwide on March 8, 2019. Tickets for the movie are on sale across theaters in the United States so grab your seats now.