Glass Featurette Gives A Behind The Scenes Look At Sarah Paulson As Dr. Ellie Staple

While director M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass has been secretive about its plot for the most part, its now slowly beginning to give us more bits and pieces of marketing material as its release approaches. Aside from the interviews that we got last week, we now have a behind-the-scenes featurette focusing on the new addition in Glass, Ellie Staple. Played by Sarah Paulson who was also featured in the Netflix horror movie Birdbox recently, the clip takes a deep dive into Ellie’s psyche and what motivates her to treat the “delusional” superheroes.

Paulson explains in the clip how she has a firm belief of treating these special kind of people by connecting with them and shaking off their incorrect beliefs that they are special humans.

Doctor Staple is a woman of incredible compassion, who has a deep seated belief that her way of thinking is an answer to some of the world’s problem. It’s a very line between her clinical manner and her need for order and her ability to become incredibly connected to the person she’s talking to. Like classical mythology, these stories are gods among us.

She’s not the only one however as the clip quickly shows James McAvoy and Shyamalan himself talking about her. Shyamalan concurs that Paulson represents the continuation of the belief that some of these people have embodied over time thanks to the ever-growing obsession with comics.

Doctor Ellie Staple specializes in patients that believe they’re comic book characters. This is the continuum of belief of delusions of grandeur that has existed over time because comic books have become this incredible obsession in the world.

James McAvoy and Samuel L. Jackson also have stuff to contribute alongside scenes from the movie. We also get a look at a few new sequences, including a (possibly) unheard line from Jackson that we haven’t heard or seen in the trailers. The entire featurette is worth a watch and is embedded in the player below.

Despite the onset of negative reviews, it appears people are still looking forward to seeing how Shyamalan ends his Unbreakable trilogy of movies. Glass releases in theaters on January 18, 2019. Let us know if you still plan on seeing it after the mixed response in the comments below.