Joker Passes $700 Million At Worldwide Box Office, Earns More Than Justice League

Todd Phillips’ Joker is having a dream run at the box office. In its third weekend, Joker took in $29.2 million for a domestic total of $247.2 million. In doing so, it has still managed to beat DC’s ensemble Justice League which took in $229 million at the US box office. And that’s a film made at nearly four times the $55 million budget of Joker featuring some of DC’s most well known heroes.

Overseas, Joker has now raked in $490 million for an estimated worldwide box office total of $737 million. That is still much higher than the $659 million lifetime worldwide earnings of Justice League. Joker is also on track to beat 2016’s Suicide Squad featuring Jared Leto as the other Joker, which took in $746 million; in fact, it should pass David Ayer’s ensemble in the next day or two.

Joker‘s performance at the ticketing counter has been nothing short of phenomenal. Made on a paltry production budget (by comic book movie standards at least), Joker surprised everyone by receiving highly enthusiastic audience reviews. This is partly the result of Joaquin Phoenix’s magnetic performance as Batman’s arch nemesis along with a coordinated marketing campaign that saw Warner Bros. screening Joker to positive reception at awards festivals, including securing the Golden Lion prize at the Venice Film Festival, the event’s highest honor.

At this rate, Joker is three movies behind in surpassing all DCEU movies. While Wonder Woman looks like an achievable target, it’ll be interesting to see if Joker gets past Batman v Superman or Aquaman. Among R-rated movies, Joker has a shot at becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, if it overtakes the $783 million of Deadpool, which in all likelihood, it will.

Joker is currently running in theaters.