Justice League to release in HD this month, Blu-Ray to follow soon

Several sites are reporting that Warner Bros.’s Justice League will be out in Digital HD by the end of this month. The news comes courtesy an iTunes listing for the movie. While an earlier listing showed the date as Jan 30, it has since been updated to Jan 23. It’s been nearly 12 hours and iTunes does not seem to have removed the listing so far which means it could possibly be legit.

The news, if true would mark an earlier than expected arrival of Justice League on HD and Blu-Ray. Typically, Hollywood movies come out on digital HD first followed by their Blu-Ray releases 2-3 weeks down the line. This would mean we can expect Justice League to be out in Blu-Ray by Feb 2018, just in time for the Oscar season.

While there’s no official word or announcement regarding such an early release, the movie’s less than stellar theatrical run could be responsible for the same. The movie made $652.9 million against a rumored production budget of $300 million. While the box office take is decent enough, its not great for a Justice League film featuring some of the most iconic characters in comic-book history together for the first time. Earlier last month, the first three minutes of the film were released in HD by a South Korean retailer which was shortly followed by the movie’s release in HD in that market. Since then, scenes from the movie have begun trickling online in various YouTube channels and Warner Bros. has been at work getting the clips removed. Looks like we won’t have to wait much longer now to get our hands on the official version of the movie without the Korean subtitles embedded within.