Luis Wants A Suit and Giant-Man Has Some Fun In Second Ant-Man And The Wasp TV Spot

It’s hard to believe that we’re finally close to a month away from the release of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man And The Wasp but here we are. The TV Spot blitzkrieg for the movie has begun, albeit on a relatively slower scale. After the first spot last week, we’ve been graced with a second TV Spot. Marvel is making no bones about how fun the movie is going to be, with the spot itself titled Fun, and features plenty of more Luis that we’ve come to known, along with Giant-Man fooling around a bit. Have a look below.

Luis is easily the highlight of the spot, improvising multiple variations of his “Wassup” greeting and even concluding the spot by wanting a suit of his own, never mind if it’s powerless. I’m all in for Luis suiting up and joining Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne even if it’s just any random suit. It could be a great way for the filmmakers to spoof the superhero genre by preparing a loud garish outdated spandex costume for Luis. Fans who’re aware of any potential comic-book characters Luis might become, sound off in the comments below. Giant-Man gets a bit of spotlight as well as he frightens one of the passengers on the cruise where he makes an appearance.

The rest of the spot is largely similar to the previously released one, save for what’s probably a new line by Ghost. This is expected of TV Spots; they largely recycle old footage and edit it out differently which is why most of the spots end up being hard to differentiate from each other. This is also a good thing for viewers and as we’ve come to expect from Marvel Studios, the production house has become quite adept at concealing important bits of the movie from the audience, leaving enough surprises in the theaters. No wonder then that we’ve barely gotten a short snippet with Lawrence Fishburne’s Bill Foster and haven’t seen anything about Michelle Pfieffer’s Janet Van Dyne, who is supposedly a pivotal character in the film.

Did you have fun with this TV Spot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Ant-Man and the Wasp comes out in theaters on July 6, 2018.