Marvel’s What If Trailer Presents Alternate Possibilities

Marvel fans have always posed questions centering around alternate possibilities. And Marvel Studios is set to answer some of them through its animation series What If…?. The central premise of the show rests on changing one event from each of its 22 films to present an alternate reality that could have been. With much of the original cast returning to voice their characters, including Robert Downey Jr., the series makes for a tantalizing trip down the Multiverse lane.

The trailer is heavy on a few of such plots that will make it to the show as episodes. Front and center is the question: What if Peggy Carter had become Captain America instead of Steve Rogers? Scenes play out from Captain America: The First Avenger with Peggy replacing Steve and it would be interesting to explore what this development would’ve meant in the already regressive 1940s when the US was on the brink of entering World War II.

Another episode centers around the question: What if T’Challa had been abducted as a child instead of Peter Quill? Seeing T’Challa become Star Lord instead of Black Panther is again going to play out in a fun way. This episode should also be emotional since, assuming Boseman was able to voice T’Challa in some way, this should be the final role of the late actor who passed away this year from colon cancer.

We also get hints of the Madbomb storyline that was set to be the basis for what was the original plan for Captain America 3, before it became Civil War. Bucky fends off a zombie Captain America. Finally, the trailer closes on Doctor Strange fighting himself, presumably from an alternate dimension, with Jeffrey Archer’s ominous narration bookending the trailers. Arguably, we probably got a glimpse at 5-6 of these episodes and there’s set to be a whole lot more.

What If…? will run two seasons with 10 episodes each. The first season is expected to premiere sometime around mid-2021.