More Matrix 4 Filming Set Photos: Neo And Trinity Are Back

The Matrix 4 set photos continue to leak out. After a leak from earlier in the week showcasing an insane stunt sequence being filmed, more set photos have surfaced showing the franchise’s central characters Trinity and Neo on the roads of San Francisco. The sequence in question involves Keanu Reeves hitching a ride behind Carrie-Anne Moss as the duo look set to film some of their own stunts.

I was admittedly skeptical when faraway shots of this sequence emerged in my earlier post, dismissing them as being set photos from John Wick: Chapter 4 thanks to Keanu’s look. But it appears that’s untrue and with Moss in the pics as well, these are definitely from The Matrix 4. It follows then that Reeves will be maintaining his bearded, unshaven look from the John Wick movies instead of returning to the clean shaven roots of his character from the 1999 original and 2003 sequels.

Additional set photos also seem to show the wreckage of a car as well as a helicopter stunt scene being filmed at night. One thing the set photos have made clear: The Matrix 4 should continue to feature the insane action that its predecessors set a high benchmark for. Rather hilariously, Reeves was also spotted in Star Wars esque attire, almost passing off for an Obi-Wan Kenobi as he walked robed with what looked like a copy of the Matrix script in hand.

Principal photography on The Matrix 4 is now definitely in full swing, which makes it quite likely that the movie will make it to theaters in time for its planned May 21, 2021 release date. We’re a long way off from getting any trailer but could we get a sneak peek of some sort around the time of San Diego Comic Con? It would be a great opportunity to recapture the craze of the past franchise and Keanussiance and judging by the pace of filming, they’d definitely have plenty of footage around by then.


I’ll keep you posted on more Matrix 4 filming as and when new info becomes available.